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ECM Developments provides a specialist electrochemical machining capability to aerospace, automotive, defence, nuclear, oil and gas, medical and other industries.


Electrochemical De Burring ECD

De burring of sharp edges on conventionally machined components, using dedicated tooling on auto cycle ECD machines. Particularly relevant to deep intersecting bores and consistent de burring of machined features that cannot be accessed by traditional burr removal methods

Static ECM of Shallow Grooves ECS

Production of shallow channels in the surface of components such as oil lubrication channels, grooves for high speed air bearings and circulation channels in fuel cell plates and micro fluidic devices.

Electrochemical Plunge Forming / Drilling ECF 

Forming of two dimensional shapes and holes of any cross sectional profile with straight or helical axes. Forming of three dimensional surfaces such as aerofoil blades, gas turbine blisks and integrally bladed pump impellors, using purpose designed tooling on auto cycle ECM machines.
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